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Welcome to IdeaSpace

**July Workshops are listed below!**

Note: These are my FINAL workshops for the September 2024 license renewal period.  No workshops will be scheduled between July 29 – September 30, 2024. New workshops will begin January 2025. 

To register (see chart below):


  • Highlight the Zoom workshop link (make sure to highlight the entire link).

  • Click on "Go To" and the registration will pop up. Register and pay via PayPal.

  • You will receive a Zoom email with a link to the workshop. Please keep track of this  Zoom email with the link – you will use this link to sign in on the day of the selected workshop.

  • All workshops are synchronous (live). July 27 & 28 workshops will be conducted at IdeaSpace -see directions below chart.

  • Remember you need 35 hours by September 30, 2024 to renew your license.  The five (5) ethics hours must be live-streamed (synchronous), ONLY 10 hours (of the 35 hours) can be taped (asynchronous), the remaining CE hours (20+ hours) must be live-streamed (synchronous). Six (6) hours of tele-mental health training (everyone) and an additional 3 hours of tele-mental health supervision training (supervisors) are required if you haven't previously taken 6 or 9 hours of tele-mental health workshops.

  • Important - If you have more than 5 hours of ethics, additional ethics workshop hours can be counted as Core CE hours in the 2022-24 licensing period.

Directions to IdeaSpace:

Heading East on Hwy 78 (towards Athens), make left at the traffic light into Snellville Oaks Shopping Center (you will see Dunkin Donuts at the traffic light). 


Stay on the road into Snellville Oaks Shopping Center and drive past Dunkin Donuts. Turn right onto the side road before the NCG Movie Theater. Go to the end of the side road and make a right into the IdeaSpace parking lot.


CE Workshop Information




My Beautiful Brown Boy- book

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  • Can you explain the three year/3000 hours minimum requirement?

  • Can you explain the 120 hour supervision requirement to take the CSW exam?

  • What is meant by a clinical agency?

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