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IdeaSpace is a career training facility offering clinical supervision for LMSW, CE Workshops for license renewal, and License Prep for taking the MSW and CSW exams.  Click on color button in right column below descriptions to see calendars and register for the following workshops:


  • Clinical Supervision for CSW License - Occurs Monthly

  • License Prep - MSW and CSW - Scheduled per individual request via email

CE Workshops for January through March - to register, click purple button below workshop descriptions:

Ethics (minimum 5 hours – in-person only - any hours over five (5) can be used as Core hours)

  • I AM a Social Worker! (2019-2020 version)January 18 - 5 Ethics hours Includes: 4.0 – Ethical Responsibilities as Professionals; 5.0 – Ethical Responsibilities to Social Work Profession; - 6.0 – Ethical Responsibilities to Broader Society

  • Ethical Responsibilities to Broader Society March 14 - 3 Ethics hours - Includes:  6.01 Social Welfare – Climate change/social justice; 6.04 Public Emergencies – Crisis counseling/intervention; 6.04 Social and Political Action - Poll watcher, voter registration, etc.


Core – (minimum 30 hours) all StarkSpeak, LLC workshops are Core hours (e.g. provided by LCSW). 

  • Maternal Mortality of African American Women After Childbirth February 22 - 3 Core hours -  “weathering” and health disorders make African American women more susceptible to death post childbirth. Learn how to help clients, friends and family members cope with weathering and health disparities. Includes personal presentation by Jackie Trask, PhD, LCSW, who almost lost her life after childbirth due to being high health risk. Also research and Q & A.

  • DSM 5 -  Child and Adolescent Disorders February 8 - 3 Core hours -understanding updates to DSM 5 for disorders originating in childhood or adolescence

  • HOPE TheoryFebruary 23 - 3 Core hours -helping surviving family members or friends cope with sudden or catastrophic death of a loved one or co-worker

  • Providing Clinical Supervision for Licensure -  January 19 and March 15 - 3 Core hours -– for LCSW with 2 years post license experience AND LMSW interested in understanding supervision experience.  Learn Composite Board rules and how to integrate theory, ethics and DSM 5 into supervision practice

  • Developing Ethnic Identity in ChildrenFebruary 09 - 3 Core hours - helping black and brown children develop a healthy identity in current society.  Each attendee will receive book “My Beautiful Brown Boy”

  • Trauma Informed Practice with Children February 08 - 3 Core hours - understanding trauma informed care using strengths perspective and developmental theory with critical review of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

  • Trauma Informed Practice with Adults March 14 - 3 Core hours -understanding relationship of psychological trauma to chronic pain and helpful treatment interventions

Directions to IdeaSpace:

Heading East on Hwy 78 (towards Athens), make left at the traffic light into Snellville Oaks Shopping Center (you will see Auto Bell car wash and Dunkin Donuts at the traffic light). 


Stay on the road into Snellville Oaks Shopping Center and drive past Dunkin Donuts. Turn right onto the side road before the NCG Movie Theater. Go to the end of the side road and make a right into the IdeaSpace parking lot.

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My Beautiful Brown Boy- book

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

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